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Notice on Holding the "Youth Beilun Qi Heart Together" Daqi Street Enterprise Employee Fun Sports Meet


In order to celebrate the "May Day" International Labour Day and enhance the cohesion of grassroots trade unions, it was decided to hold a fun sports meeting for enterprise workers in Daqi Street after research.

1、 Activity time

Tentatively scheduled for the end of April, for a half day period.

2、 Event location

Beilun District is rich and beautiful.

3、 Organizer

Daqi Street Federation of Trade Unions and Hengyang Community in Daqi Street.

4、 Participants

The trade union relationship belongs to the employees of enterprises in Daqi Street.

5、 Competitive events

The fun sports meet consists of nine events: land fishing, stroller group, fast luggage, fast tent setting, finger pressure board design, swaying, guarding the highlands, X-BOX boxing king, and I am an actor.

6、 Competition regulations

1. Game name: Land Fishing

Game Description: Each team consists of 3 players. One member holds a fishing rod at the starting point, while the other member wraps cotton around the hook to soak the cotton in paint. The member holding the fishing rod hits the cotton into the white paper circle on the opposite side to achieve success.

2. Game name: Baby stroller fast group

Game Description: If each team has 7 players and the stroller is successfully assembled within 10 minutes according to the instructions, it is considered a successful level.

3. Game Name: Quick Luggage

Game Description: Each team consists of 7 people, and within 5 minutes, quickly tidy up 10 pieces of clothing into their luggage to pass the level.

4. Game Name: Quick Tenting

Game Description: If each team consists of 7 people and follows the tent instructions, successfully building the tent within 10 minutes is considered a successful level.

5. Game name: Fingerboard design

Game Description: Each team has 7 players, and each team leader will go on stage to draw lots. The number of feet in the draw is (except for the feet, only the hands can touch the finger pressure board). The team member can customize the shape and follow the drawing requirements for 30 seconds to complete the pass.

6. Game Name: Shaking and Shaking

Game Description: Each team consists of 7 players, who turn around 10 times from their original position. They run to the designated location to pick up their backpacks and smoothly return to their original position, passing the backpack to the second runner. The second runner needs to follow the instructions to load the designated stationery into the backpack and return to the original position, passing it to the third runner, and so on. The remaining 5 runners will complete the game.

7. Game Name: Defending Highlands

Game Description: Each team has 5 players, and two teams compete simultaneously. At the end of each game, each team member can be replaced, and a two win three game system is adopted. Each team stands side by side, with the left and right legs tied together, and from the starting point of the trampoline, they rush to the highland in a U-shape around the field. Within the specified time, the team standing on the highland and smiling at the camera wins a total of 5 rounds. The winning group is the one with the largest number of actual photos.

8. Game name: X-BOX Boxing King

Game Description: Each team has 3 players. According to the rules of the King of Fighters game, the winner is determined in one round. The winner is considered successful in the level, while the losing group needs to compete with other groups.

9. Game Name: I am an actor

Game Description: Draw lots to select a short script, and according to the script, cooperate to complete the script deduction in the green screen photography studio, it is considered a successful level.

7、 Entry requirements

1. Teams will be formed by various enterprise trade unions, with 7 participants per team (including team leaders, regardless of gender). Each participating team selects a team leader, who determines the participants for each competition project.

2. All participants must wear sports shoes for the competition, obey the instructions of the referee and staff, maintain the cleanliness of the venue, strictly prohibit smoking and dining in the venue, take care of public facilities, and take good care of personal valuables.

8、 Award settings

Set up several awards based on the competition situation

9、 Other matters

This fun sports meet is an important event to celebrate May Day. Interested parties can form their own teams. Registration deadline: April 16th