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Talent introduction

According to the company's development strategy, guided by professional needs, expand talent introduction channels and innovate talent introduction methods. Adhere to the combination of training and introduction, continuously increase the total talents, optimize the talent structure, improve the quality of talents, and provide talent protection for the company's sustained and healthy development.
The basic principle
1. The principle that introduction and comprehensive assessment as needed.
2. The principle that open equality and competitive choice.
3. The principle that make the best possible use of men and material
4. The principle that priority introduction of urgently needed and scarce talents.
Introduction method
1. Introduce talents by directly establishing labor relations between the two parties. For high-level talents, direct transfer, recruitment can be adopted to encourage long-term and stable labor relations with the company.
2. Introduce talents through recruitment methods in higher education institutions. The freshmen will go to the company for an internship in advance and sign an internship agreement.
Introduction method
3.Introduce talents without non-establishing labor relations like employment agreements,etc.
The company can meet the requirements of various types of experts and senior personnel in accordance with the "Do not ask for all, but use it", "Do not ask where you are, but ask for what you do" flexible introduction mechanism, through intellectual introduction, intellectual borrowing, amateur part-time, temporary employment , technical cooperation and other means, flexible and diverse, super-conventional and creative introduction of talent.