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Talent development

The company has established promotion plans for different positions, focusing on exploring potential management and professional and technical talents, building talented teams through training, learning, practicing. At the same time, through the compensation and welfare incentives and management means to stimulate the rapid accumulation of echelon personnel and grow up.
[Training methods]
1) Systematic knowledge and skills can be quickly formed by focusing on training the knowledge and skills which position needed;
2) Practice: Taking the task of work and short-term experience as the main mode is the most effective way to cultivate the development system;
3) Tutor system: Adopting the"one-on-one"guidance method, it is especially suitable for solving various personalized problems arising in the career development process of employees.
[Management experience]
1) Implement a flexible working system;
2) Provide space for continuous growth, such as job expansion and enrichment, job rotation, and provide two different development channels: professional line and management line;
3) Design a work environment that is full of motivation;
4) Design self-help benefits that apply to employee needs.
[Selection of personnel]
1) Consider carefully the appointment. Understand the core content of the position and select talents according to the task;
2) Consider 3-5 potential qualified candidates;
3) Think carefully about how to examine these candidates. What kind of abilities do candidates have and whether these abilities are suitable for accomplishing this task;
4) Talk to a number of people who have worked with these candidates;
5) Ensure that the appointee understands his or her work.