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Talent Concept

Lilong Group adheres to the concept that talent is the first resource, and regards the construction of talent team as the overall, strategic and basic work of enterprise development, pursuit of excellence and long-term success. Lilong Group vigorously implements the strategy of “strengthening enterprises through human resource development” and continuously introduces talents from outside, and comprehensively strengthens the training and enhances the learning and innovative talents as standard requirements.

Excellent talents are the basis for realizing the strategic goals of the company and the driving force for the sustainable development of the company. The company has been continually optimizing the quality structure of its personnel with scientific talent training methods, effective incentive mechanisms, a fair competition platform, and broad career development space. Let each employee fully reflect self-worth in this group of Lilong, achieve the greatest fit between personal career planning and corporate development goals, and grow together with employees.

The company advocates simple and harmonious interpersonal relationships, resists any bad "corporate politics" phenomenon, make relationship between people simple and healthy, and strives to build an atmosphere of happy work. We care about the lives of our employees and encourage them to pursue physical and mental health. The company supports employees to carry out rich cultural and sports activities, so that employees can relax outside of work and enable employees to work hard and live happily.