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R & D Center

As a leading enterprise in the stainless steel escalator ladder industry, Lilong Electromechanical has been in the leading position in processing technology and technology for many years. The company has modular assembly ladder technology and escalator step-welding auxiliary wheel seat technology. At the same time, through independent innovation, the company has successfully developed a series of elevator ladder products, such as reinforced stainless steel steps riser, steps for escalator with curved support plates. Energy saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable. With the goal of international advanced technology, the company actively develops, introduces and adopts applicable advanced technologies and advanced standards, improves technological innovation capabilities, and achieves synchronous design with internationally renowned manufacturers.
Established Ningbo Municipal Enterprise Research Institute in 2014
Established Zhejiang Provincial Research and Development Center in 2015
Received Zhejiang Patent Demonstration Enterprise in 2010
Inspection capability:
Physical, electronic, and chemical categories total 43 categories
Core equipment:
CMM, salt spray tester, material analyzer, fatigue tester, oscilloscope, power analyzer
future plan:
Concentrate multi-disciplinary and complementary R&D teams, build excellent research bases with distinctive characteristics,lead and support the company's healthy and sustainable development
R & D strength
Core equipment: CNC, WEDM-LS
Automatic assembly line
It has the ability to design and develop synchronously with the first-line brand whole ladder manufacturers
Meet the design data conversion needs of all partner manufacturers