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Lilong Group is located in Ningbo, the coast of the East China Sea. For more than 30 years, it is dedicated to the development and manufacture of elevators and escalator components. It is an industry pearl in the industry. The company provides quality services such as technical marketing, rapid mold change, component development, system integration, scale production, and intelligent manufacturing to the market. The company's products are mainly divided into five major systems: car system, elevator door system, escalator system, man-machine interface, Safety components. The products have been exported to many European and American countries. The new headquarters of 300 acres in 2018 will be built soon. A brand-new Lilong will stand tall with the front end of China's smart manufacturing.
In motion, it leads the way ahead with grace
Standing still, it shows dignity in a square space
Built with heart,it embodies the spirit in its shape,and becomes eternal for its art
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As a leading enterprise in the stainless steel escalator ladder industry, Lilong Electromechanical has been in the leading position in processing technology and technology for many years. The company has modular assembly ladder technology, escalator step-welding auxiliary wheel base technology, and the company has successfully developed a reinforced kick-plate stainless steel step by independent innovation...
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